Along with waiver on One Year Subscription fees of Margin Trading Facility

Terms & Conditions

Kredent InfoEdge Private Limited (KIPL), has partnered with Kotak Securities Limited (KSL), to give the subscriber(s) of select plans of StockEdge Premium and StockEdge Club an additional offer of Brokerage cash back for 3 months on opening a new trading and demat account with KSL.

  1. This is an optional offer and it is the sole discretion of the user to agree and opt for the offer at the time of subscription from the website.
  2. The user understands and agrees that once he/she expresses the interest by opting in and clicking on the Agree button and then goes ahead and makes the payment to subscribe to the StockEdge Premium or StockEdge Club Plan, his/her contact details (Name, Email, Mobile Number) will be shared with KSL for further processing.
  3. The eligibility of the offer and subsequent provision of the benefits from KSL will be governed by the terms and conditions of KSL, which are outlined below.
  4. The offer is not a constituent service of the StockEdge Plan which the user is subscribing to, on stockedge.com. Under conditions of non-availability of offer from KSL on account of non-eligibility or any other reason whatsoever, KIPL will not be liable to refund, adjust or give any other recourse to the user in this regard.

KSL’s Terms and Conditions

I/We being a client/customer/prospect understand, undertake, authorize, confirm, and agree to Kotak Securities Limited (KSL) that :-

  1. This offer is open to all residents of India opening a new trading account with Kotak Securities Limited (KSL) via this offer.
  2. This offer is not applicable to the following categories of customers:
      a. Non-Individuals customers excluding HUF
      b. Non-Resident Indian customers
      c. Authorized persons, Business Associates and their respective employees, dependents and customers mapped under them
      d. Any other person/group/entity/category of customers as decided by KSL from time to time at its discretion.