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Nabin Sarma

6/08/2020 10:12:03 p.m.

vazrapu lalitha

6/08/2020 8:11:49 a.m.

web application is not responsive like mobile app,please fix this.,sub menu not opening properly on clicking and data not populating properly on web app,Iam using 50 mbps data cable for internet


Vijay Gaikwad

4/08/2020 6:59:25 p.m.


Vikram Kakade

4/08/2020 6:23:09 p.m.

Very good app


Alaiya Tejas

2/08/2020 3:28:54 p.m.

its a amazing app.


Prem Jain

2/08/2020 3:12:27 p.m.

just excellent


Indramani Aeon

30/07/2020 3:40:11 p.m.


Trupti Shah

29/07/2020 3:12:14 p.m.

Excellent Data points, making stock edge favorite in spite of so many other good web sites options. Good design in terms of cross linking with Mutual fund data and other way round. I have two small suggestions under the watch list if you can kindly provide the facility to sort by Name and sort by change (%). Under watch list there is a facility to view News. It gives only current month News, if you can include last couple of months news it would be very helpful to the investor community


Himanshu Raut

26/07/2020 3:55:46 p.m.


Ramyaniii Dutta

25/07/2020 1:08:59 p.m.

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