StockEdge Premium - Annual (MR)

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What Will You Get?

Company Filings Company Filings

Get the latest company filings classified into various categories for easy tracking of important announcements made by a company.

Advanced Scans Advanced Scans

Use 60+ Fundamental scans based on growth, valuation, solvency, shareholding, pledge etc and 70+ Advanced Technical scans like MACD, Stochastics, EMA, Bollinger bands etc.

Download To CSV Download To CSV

Download data in Scan, Strategies and My Combination Scan for further research and analysis.

Investment Ideas Investment Ideas

Get access to a curated list of quality stocks trading near key levels.

Interactive Edge Chart Interactive Edge Chart

Plot End of Day Line, Area or Candlestick Charts. Plot Technical and Fundamental Indicators. Draw trendlines. Zoom In Facility. Integrated with Scans to autoplot the indicators.

Edge Reports Edge Reports

Edge Reports are created by our research team to give quick learning and insights. Access Concall Summaries, Infographics, IPO Notes and Case Studies on selected companies.

Business Houses Business Houses

Analyze Business Houses by getting access to combined analytics of all listed companies of the selected Family-owned or Institutional business (eg. Tata group, ICICI group etc)

Combination Scans Combination Scans

Create Combination of upto 10 scans from the different categories of scans (except options). Find stocks which are satisfying all (or >75%) of the scans in your combination.

Investment Themes Investment Themes

Explore list of readymade stock watchlists based on various themes. Understand the rationale behind the theme and stock selection within the theme and invest wisely.

Investor Portfolios Investor Portfolios

Explore Shareholding and latest Deals of Top Individual and Institutional Investors. Closest to realilty analytics delivered using powerful AI algorithms and strong Research.

Strategies Strategies

Strategies are Readymade Combination Scans created by our Research team. These strategies give you daily list of stocks which succesfully match prespecified mathematical criteria.

MF Investment Themes MF Investment Themes

Get access to list of mutual fund investment themes covering different investment goals. Learn and undertand the rationale of each theme and explore the list of selected schemes.

Take Notes Take Notes

Take personalized notes and save against a particular stock, mutual fund scheme, sector or industry. Retrieve your existing notes everytime you visit the stock / scheme page.

Advanced Filters Advanced Filters

While using scans using advanced filter, you can filter by specific Sector, Industry, Market Cap, or share price for all scans. Helps in finding the right stock in the scan.

Removes Ad Removes Ad

The Ad Banner sometimes shown at the bottom of the App and full screen Interstitial Ads will be removed. Reduce distractions and increase speed and efficiency of using StockEdge.

StockEdge Training StockEdge Training

Get access to StockEdge training programmes conducted from time to time. These are small sessions conducted at different times of the year and help you to use StockEdge better.




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