"How To Identify Multibagger Stocks"
Workshop in Kolkata on 2 June 2018

“Give a man a Fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to Fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Wealth generation from stock markets can be achieved through a simple process of buying low and selling high. However, what is low and what is high, is important to be known before any participation in a stock.
The process of wealth creation involves buying stocks at the early stage and carrying over through the journey of growth and value creation. Different stocks have potential to generate a return for the investor. However, return maximisation of the overall portfolio will only happen if good stocks with high potential are part of the portfolio. A strong search for multibaggers will complete the exercise objectively.
This workshop designed by team Elearnmarkets will help the participants to identify multi-baggers. The entire process of identification will be shared along with multiple stock case studies.

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Who Should Attend:
Anyone and everyone who is interested in creating wealth from stock markets including existing market practitioners, dealers, relationship managers, financial planners, students, HNIs etc.
Benefits of Attending:

1. First-hand understanding of the process of identification of multibaggers.

2. Strong understanding of various tools used by professionals .

3. Lifelong Connect with relevant experts.

4. Building block for follow-on workings in the stock market as investor/employee/associate.

So what are you waiting for come and attend the 1 day workshop on “How To Identify Multibagger Stocks“.
Registration Fees:
4,000/- plus 18% GST.
9:00 hrs - 9:30 hrs:
9:30 hrs - 10:30 hrs:
Defining Multibagger with case studies
10:30 hrs - 12:00 hrs:
Session 1: How to identify your next multibagger
i. Evaluating Business
ii. Uniqueness in financials
iii. Evaluation of management and ownership structure
iv. Stock Price and Valuation
v. Risk Management
12:00 hrs - 12:15 hrs:
Coffee Break
12:15 hrs - 13:30 hrs:
Session 1 : Continue
13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs:
14:30 hrs - 16:00 hrs:
Session 2: Cloning your way to success
i. Why to use cloning as a strategy in equity markets
ii. Historical track record of people practising cloning
iii. Preparing a holistic process to clone the good investors
iv. Learning the “proper” way to clone investors
v. Understanding the pitfalls around cloning process
vi. Some “traps” to avoid
16:00 hrs - 16:30 hrs:
Coffee Break
16:30 hrs - 17:30 hrs:
Detail Questions & Answers
17:30 hrs - 18:00 hrs:

As the saying goes “Good things don’t last forever” Limited seats Register soon..
Contact/ Support:
Surbhi: +91 7003595456

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