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Affiliate Programme

We are happy to announce the launch of the StockEdge Affiliate Programme. Become a part of our mission and participate in our vision of empowering the Indian Investors and Traders through the right learning and analytical tools.


Get direct commission on any sales effected by you of the StockEdge Basic Membership or StockEdge Club.


Your responsibility is to identify the right customers for each programme and facilitate their conversion into the premium offerings of StockEdge. Once the customer has been onboarded, StockEdge will take full care of the customers and you do not need to provide any support or assistance to the customer, except on voluntary basis.

How to become an Affiliate?

The process for becoming an affiliate is also very simple. You just need to apply by filling the application form with your correct data and agree to our terms of engagement.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an application number. You will be required to forward copies of your proof of identity, PAN Card and a blank cancelled cheque of your bank account for facilitating the transfer of your commission amount to our email.

Our backend team will process your request and after verification send you an approval consent along with your UNIQUE AFFILIATE CODE.

How we facilitate your Sales?

As an affiliate, you can simply focus on sales. The support to the converted customers will be taken care of by us. And we will facilitate you with the following:

Affiliate Panel

Once registered you will get access to an Affiliate Panel, which will provide you with necessary resources and information for your smooth functioning.

Affiliate URLs

  • You will get a list of product wise URLs which you can share on social media or on your own website. These URLs will be automatically tagged to your affiliate ID and any sales occurring within 15 days of any user navigating to our website through your affiliate ID will fetch you your commission.

Special Coupon Codes

We will facilitate your sales by providing special coupon codes for the benefit of your prospective users. These coupon codes will give some discount benefit to your prospective users and the user will be eligible for these coupon codes only if they access our website through your Affiliate URLs.

Seamless Reporting

You can see the reporting of all Sales happening through your Affiliate Code with name of the product, gross and net sales Value and discount coupon being used. This will help you understand what is working and thereby enable you to make more sales.

What are you waiting for?

Become a part of the StockEdge revolution and also benefit financially in the process.